Bridgestone Golf Presents:

New B330 Golf Balls

The new B330 Hydro Core golf balls have begun shipping into the market. Here’s the skinny on the balls: “Hydro Core Technology adds water into the core formulation process, which makes the core softer and the outer regions firmer, resulting in reduced spin and longer distance off of the driver. We softened up the covers to make the balls “spin more than ever” around the greens. Same player profile recommendations with these models as in the past. Over 105 mph with the driver, you want to recommend B330 or B330S and under 105 mph with the driver, you want to recommend RX or RXS. The (S) versions have the softest urethane cover that we have ever placed on a golf ball and this will result in a huge amount of green side spin. Insider Tip: The new B330 (Black) is absolutely awesome!!


True Balance Putters

We always knew that we made great golf balls, but the biggest surprise of the show for us was the introduction of our True Balance Putters. In fact, this awesome new product won the “Show Stopper” award for Best New Product on the first day of the show. This new putter “stands up by itself” as we have moved the balance point to less than 5" from the sole. This provides incredible feel and connection to the putter head, improving speed and distance control. I have attached a link for you to follow if you want to learn more about the new product. These new putters will start shipping into the market place mid to late March.