Get Golf Ready At Golf Etc. Lakeland

Here at Golf Etc. Lakeland we offer a wide variety of services to help master your game (or at least take the some of the excuses away.)

Custom Fittings

Using our state of the art technology, our fitting pros, who specialize in enhancing your game, will fit you to your clubs. Any driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron, wedge, and putter, can be custom fitted. We can even fit you for the best golfball for your game. Sign-up for a Custom Fitting today.


Bag Evaluation

Are you cheating yourself out of a better score? Our team of professionals will give you an analysis of all your equipment, pinpointing exactly what you need in order to reach your full potential on the golf course.






Indoor Putting Green

Not sure which putter you like? Test a number of our top of the line putters on indoor putting green and find the one that works best for your game.




Club Repair & Regrip

Are your clubs in need of maintanence? Our on-site repair shop will take care of all your club's problems:



Shaft Frequence Analysis

Shaft Alignment

Or better yet, just have our club specialists make new clubs for you.

 Check us out today!