Looking to trade in your clubs?

Do you have gently used golf clubs and are in the market for a new set? Come in and visit us at Golf Etc. Lakeland where we offer our trade-in program. The process is very simple and we offer the best trade-in value for your clubs.

Here are the steps.

1. Go online to the PGA value guide. This is the “Kelley Blue Book” for all used golf clubs.

2. Simply go under the research section of the website, and look up the clubs you are looking to trade in.

3. After selecting the clubs you are trying to sell, find the trade value.

4. Stop by the store and we will give you the exact amount found on the PGA value guide.


What if you can’t decide what clubs you want to trade in for that day?

Don’t worry; we’ll give you a gift card with the exact trade-in amount of your clubs.

Don’t need a new set of clubs?

With the trade-in amount, you can put that money towards anything in the store, whether it is new grips, accessories, or hats and apparel.


So there’s no reason to wait. Bring in your clubs for a trade-in today!


*Remember, we do not give cash for used clubs. We offer a Golf Etc. gift card or trades only.