Local Courses: The Heights

The Heights is part of the Florida Historic Golf Trail and features 3 courses: Azelea (Course A), Boganvilla (Course B), and Camelia (Course C).

Cleveland Heights Golf Course MapImage by ClevelandHeightsGolf.com

The course’s inception began in 1923, when the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce invited H. A. Stahl, a real-estate magnate from Cleveland, OH, with the purpose of developing a large subdivision. Stahl purchased 560 acres of land, which is now called, “Cleveland Heights,” named after his home town. His original plans included a golf course to provide recreational opportunities for residents of Cleveland Heights. By 1927, Stahl lost the land he purchased in Lakeland.


By 1930, the City of Lakeland took ownership of Cleveland Heights continued developing the included golf course. The course has now grown to a 27-hole facility and offers golfers of all experience levels and opportunity to play an enjoyable game of golf.


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