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Enjoy the options of Mizuno JPX improvement clubs

By Global Golf Post

        Mizuno Irons   In bringing out its latest generation of JPX game-improvement clubs, Mizuno is giving golfers two options, with one being a cast product and the other forged.

According to Chuck Couch, vice president of product development for Mizuno’s golf division, the big news with the cast JPX EZ is its improved forgiveness, thanks to a sweet spot that he says is significantly larger than those of competing brands.

He adds that these irons utilize Mizuno’s Hot Metal and Max COR technologies to create an ultra-thin face that delivers the highest-allowable ball speeds for maximum distance in irons 4 through 7, while a low and deep center of gravity promotes a preferred trajectory. With regards to the scoring irons, from 8 to pitching wedge, Couch says they boast a Deep Pocket cavity design intended to deliver increased accuracy with a similarly sizable sweet spot for improved forgiveness.

As for the JPX EZ Forged, it incorporates an enhanced COR face design for increased distance, while the Grain Flow forged 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel used in its head construction is made to give golfers a soft and consistent feel.

Weight within the iron has been redistributed to the perimeter of the 4- through 7-irons to provide maximum moment of inertia for optimal forgiveness through the use of an Undercut Forged Cavity to allow for an expanded rebound area and an enlarged sweet spot. The iron also offers a Cortech design to bolster that “trampoline” effect for greater distance.

“The distance and forgiveness screams ‘game improvement,’ but we have been able to channel those characteristics in a Grain Flow forged iron that will change the way golfers look, think and feel over the golf ball,” says Couch. “We’re excited, as we believe the new EZ forged appeals to a wide breadth of golfers.”

Adams New Idea hybrid irons offer super game improvement

 Mercer Baggs

I suck.

Like the popularity of reality TV, I’ve recognized this for a long time, but never embraced it. Acceptance, however, has finally occurred: I will forever be a bad golfer.

There are ways to improve, but none I’m willing to endure.Adams New Idea irons

Play more? Nope. Practice more? Nope. Take lessons? Nope.

I’ve shot in the 70s before and routinely shot in the low-80s. Now, I can’t break 90.

I want a return to the salad days – with minimal effort. I’ve got young kids and limited me time. I don’t get to play often and when I do, I’d like to enjoy it. I’d like to have a few birdie opportunities and more pars than ‘others.’

After much consideration, I came to this conclusion: If I’m not going to change me, I need to change my clubs.

Pride goeth before a fall. Pride didn’t cause my fall; apathy and priorities did. But now that I’m down, pride be damned.

After eight years of hitting Ben Hogan BH-5 irons, I’ve put the Adams New Idea hybrid irons in my bag. My sucky game needs super game-improvement irons. Not game-improvement irons – super game-improvement irons.

According to Michael Fox, Adams director of global product management, these irons are for 15-handicap players and above.

Got that demographic covered.

He also said that Adams’ latest line is for two types of players: “Those who don’t know any better and those who have given up.”

The former includes casual players who buy clubs more for appearance (or based on a sales pitch) than for their specific needs. The latter includes me.

“Those who have given up are the players who have been playing for a long time and realize they aren’t going to get better with the status quo,” Fox said. “They’re not going to practice much or take lessons. They need a different route.”

The New Idea set is composed of three long-hybrids (3-5), two hybrid-iron combos (6-7) and three extreme perimeter-weighted short-irons (8-PW).

It retails for $699.

“You get $500 worth of hybrids in a complete $700 set,” Fox said. “And the hybrids are designed for the set. They’re not add-ons.”

The clubs have an upside-down shape, giving them more contact space on the bottom than on the top. Makes sense.

The crown and sole of the hybrids have the same vertical channel found in the recently revived Adams Tight Lies fairway woods. The middle- and short-irons feature a 270-degree slot, which wraps around the toe.

“Swing data shows that 80 percent of mid- to high-handicap players’ impact is ½ inch off center, off the toe,” Fox said. “You can’t create clubs with a sweet spot just in the center. It has to extend to the toe of the club.

“(The wraparound slot) offers 23 percent more forgiveness for off-center, off-the-toe shots. That’s a 12-yard advantage.”

They’re the bulkiest clubs I’ve ever hit, but, if anything, the size gives you confidence that the clubs are going to give you much needed assistance. Aesthetically, they look good.

How about performance?

I gotta admit, I put a lot of stock into these clubs. They’re super game-improvement irons. They’re for the worst golfers on the market. Good gracious, if these can’t help me then nothing (at least nothing I’m willing to try) will.

After two hours on the range, I left impressed and hopeful. My first shot, sure enough, went off the toe of the wedge. But it still had a nice, high trajectory.

The biggest issue was figuring out my swing. I’ve spent the last few years trying to manufacture a swing that would get me through 18 holes at a time. I put three different movements on the ball using the New Idea hybrid irons and got mostly the same results – good trajectory, distance and direction.

I still hit some poor shots, but even super game-improvement irons aren’t a cure-all for sucking at golf. All-in-all, there was noticeable improvement, particularly with the long-hybrids and hybrid-irons.

Now onto the course. I won’t bore you with shot-by-shot details, but about two weeks after first hitting the clubs on the range, I shot 87. If not for a shaky short game (one that is rarely practiced) and horrible driving (no club from any manufacturer has ever solved this problem), the score would have been at least five strokes lower.

Not bad for someone who can’t remember the last time he broke 90.

All credit due to the New Idea irons. Nearly every time I hit the fairway, I hit a green in regulation. Even when I was in moderate trouble off the tee, I managed to hit the green or get in the neighborhood. The only issue was with distance control. With the new hybrid irons, I was a club longer than in the past. I can handle that issue.

Not only did I leave the course with a score in the 80s, I also left wanting to play again. That hasn’t happened for a long time, either.


New putter grips are a Winn-win

By Global Golf Post 

For many golfers, this is the time of year to check out the grips on their clubs, and think about replacing older, worn ones with newer, better performing models. Which is one very good reason why the folks at Winn are encouraging players to consider the new WinnPro X grip and an enhancement of its already popular Dri-Tac line.

The WinnPro X is a putter grip that utilizes a less tapered profile than most traditional designs to help eliminate wrist movement, which can cause putts to go off-line, while still delivering a comfortable, tacky feel, thanks to an Excel polymer and staggered tread pattern. It comes in three different sizes, 1.60 inches in diameter as well as 1.32 and 1.18 inches, and a variety of color combinations.

As for the new Dri-Tac, it boasts a navy color, and also is available in three sizes: standard, oversize and midsize. This product features Winn’s signature WinnDry polymer, and is designed to combine cushion, comfort and what the company calls superior “non-slip, all-weather performance.”Winn Grips

New 2013 Lady Precept Golf Ball

New 2013 Lady Precept Golf Ball Becomes Part of Flagship Bridgestone Brand

The #1 Ladies Ball in Golf* is Now the Softest Bridgestone Ball Made

Covington, Ga. — Bridgestone Golf, the #1 ball-fitter in golf, announced today that the most popular ladies’ golf ball in the history of the game — the Precept Lady— is becoming part of its flagship Bridgestone brand. Effective July 1, 2013, the new Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept golf ball extends a franchise that has been the #1 selling ladies’* golf ball for the past 13 years.  In fact, since 2000, Bridgestone has sold more lady specific golf balls than all other competitors.  To welcome the Lady Precept to the Bridgestone family,  Bridgestone will air this commercial throughout the summer.

Utilizing data from more than 14,000 live fittings, Bridgestone has developed a ball engineered specifically for the average female golf swing.  See below for 2013 Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept features and benefits:


  • Softest ladies golf ball on the market
  • Larger Gradational Compression Core for exceptional performance at moderate swing speeds
  • 12% thinner cover produces higher launch and less spin
  • 330 seamless dimple cover optimizes aerodynamics for moderate swing speeds

“After fitting nearly 14,000 ladies through our ball-fitting program, we have identified opportunities for product innovations that address lady golfers’ needs,” said Corey Consuegra, Golf Ball Marketing Manager- Bridgestone Golf, Inc. “With the new Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept, we’ve extended our commitment to developing golf balls for ladies and are excited to introduce this new product under our flagship Bridgestone brand.”

The Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept is available in three colors (White, Optic Pink & Optic Yellow) and features a suggested retail price of $19.99 per dozen.  The Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept will be available at retailers nationwide beginning July 1.

Visit to see Bridgestone Golf’s entire 2013 lineup of products.


*According to Golf Datatech's On and Off Course Units Sold Retail Market Share reports 1997-2012



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